Friday, May 25, 2007

A Fine Excuse

[While smoking & pacing on a sidewalk, I inadvertently end up behind two white adolescents wearing loooongt-shirts]

Adolescent #1:

Adolescent #2:
[admiring own necklace]


Adolescent #1:Where’d you get that nigger-bling?

[I backhand-smack Adolescent #1 in the ear; he turns angrily around to see my shaved-head & smirking tough-guy façade]


I have out of control gesticulation.


Kind of like Tourette’s syndrome, but with hand gestures.



[Both adolescents snarl at me, but walk ahead a few paces and continue their now stilted conversation; I stroll up behind them again, and they cross the street]

Adolescent #1:
[Yelling, once safely across the street]

Fuck you!


[thumbs up]

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