Saturday, March 17, 2007

Being Excellent: Fourth in a Series

Remember, I'm here to help.
I, for a good while now, have tried to exorcize qualifiers from my didactic writing, but it turns out that I’m just too compassionate; it’s a constant burden, I’ll admit. Sometimes, however, "telling it like it is" has to be replaced by "telling it in the best way possible so as not to have to deal with the stream of self-indulgent moaning or watery, close-to-tears eyes of the told". And though this may sound like, to the outside observer, the flakiness of a self-propelled Soapbox-Sermonizer, it is, in actual fact, another example of sheer, breathtaking Excellence.
You see, Being Excellent in and of itself casts an unyielding, monolithic shadow over the unExcellent the ebbing feeling of being "ten-feet-tall" while looking up at a skyscraper that blocks one’s view of the sky.
So, like a man too-tall for doorways, I find myself literally and metaphorically "ducking" so that others can, sometimes, see that sky; some might call that an Excellence so inborn, so overwhelming, as to send the whole concept of Excellence into an entirely different vista...a sunny field of Absolute Excellence in which the unExcellent run about like five-year-olds chasing the butterfly of Capability while rolling in the dewy-grasses of Aptitude.
I am the balm for all your unExcellent heat-bumps, the soothing, calming centre of Excellence that could be the Trampoline of Self-Esteem for your leap of faith.
Excellence could be just a "boing" away.

Fifth in a Series

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