Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Legend: Fun Facts

1994 High-School Basketball Team Most Valuable Player
1995 High-School Basketball Team Captain
1999 Beer-League Softball Team Most Valuable Player
2003 Monthly Golden Tee Golf Tournament Winner for October
2005 Beer-League Softball Team Most Sportsmanlike Player
2005 "Bartender of the Year" (self-appointed)
2007 Blog of the Day Award Winner
2007 "Driving Instructor of the Year" (self-appointed)
5-time winner of the Beer-League Softball Player of the Week Award
Certified to transport dangerous goods
Certified to carry-out life-saving measures
Certified to dispense alcohol in Ontario
Certified to teach in-car & in-class driving instruction
Certified to ROCK

Created own signature drink, the "Mad Russian" (a White Russian with a dash of butterscotch-liqueur)

Randomly met Scott Thompson and frightened/surprised him with nonsense during what was voted "Best Birthday Ever" in 2003 by friends and foes alike

Met Douglas Coupland and got him to "pass me the torch":

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In lieu of an autograph, I gave him a signed copy of my story, "A Fictional Conversation with Douglas Coupland", in which a fan named Ryan stalks a writer named Douglas Coupland at a book signing...

That’s right.

Amazing that he hasn’t sent me an email yet as to what he thought of the story.

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  1. Scott Thompson from KITH????? Hey, I haven't read any Coupland but love the guys he's compared to. Suggestions where to start?