Friday, October 26, 2007

Coffee-Shop Hero

A grizzled, haggard, wind-breaker-wearing woman pushes past me at the coffee-shop; she yells, "gblxkym" at the girl behind the counter even more incoherently than it looks on paper.
The coffee-girl shares my confused expression, to which wind-breaker replies, "I’m going to miss my bus," as if to get her mystery-beverage sooner.
I say, "if you’re going to miss your bus, why are you stopping for coffee?"
This is greeted by the indignant silence of the interrupted, all grimacing stares and eye-blinks.
I continue: "Or, if you miss your bus, at least you have coffee to sip while you wait for the next one."
The topper: "It’s win-win!"
Wind-breaker yells, "fuck you!" and storms off, the heads of the surrounding patrons turning with her and then over towards me.
"Well," I say, "that sure was a funny way of saying ‘thank you.’"
There is a smattering of tension-breaking giggles, and I am once again a coffee-shop hero.

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  1. You put nearly ninety posts in my Google Reader after such a time, and that's a lot to deal with, but it's good quality stuff. I like it. You can write, you can tell a story, you're strangely aggressive. I'll take it one at a time and go from there. I'm only down to eighty-one.

    Are you dead? If so, my condolences to your family and friends. I ask this because I've mandated in my will that my posts will continue for...for as long as they go, but but but, well, who knows how the posts will be managed after I'm gone.