Monday, August 27, 2007

An Acrostic Palindrome

Some have said, my dear
And you know this to be true
Thine nighty is quite clear
And utterly see-through
Now, I would suggest
Out of respect for you:
Strap in that ample chest
Conceal those ample boobs
I’ll hate myself near and far
Lord have mercy, I recant!
Libidos, being what they are
Attack me in my pants
Thine bodice of flesh rippling, see
Erects a standstill down below
Momentarily crippling me
Yonder ice-water for a fellow?
Miss, my dear, Mrs. Bosomly Booty
E’ermore you’ve stolen away my heart
Though I rush to consume your beauty
Amply, you’ve given me quite a head start
Let me see again, what I once had decried
Let me see again, what I saw but once before
I am...disappointed; yonder nighty has belied
C-cup bra-size and no measure of wishing more
So ends the mystery of how in your corset you fit
Oh, I wondered that above all else in the world
Noticeably, you look to have slimmed a bit
And that’s fine – you’re a beautiful girl!
Though now I must run along
Alas, my angel, be strong!

Seldom will I allow my telephone to ring long

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