Friday, June 1, 2007

The Legend Gets a Love Bite

Oh, yes.

I am crippled in response to this review. I was expecting a shitstorm of cyber-abuse, but was surprised by a beguiling minx who scathed me with love, spanking me with the velvety-tongue of the smitten...

"Smitten" is the past-tense of "smiting", isn’t it?

Regardless, check this quote out (though, admittedly, a distant second to being labeled under "boiz [she’d] like to fuck"):

"Reading too much of his blog makes me feel like I’ve been smoking crack"

If you, somehow, DON’T want that written about your shit, you should maybe pack it in and go back to sending letters in longhand to your can tell them that your baby’s fine, you got that promotion, and that I’m heading southward to have all the fun that you won’t be having.

If I could meow, I would.

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