Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pay Up

I have little tangerines of tension underneath my neck & shoulder muscles, limiting my head-swivel movement to the point where I’d be a sitting duck but for my outstanding peripheral vision; I have a coffee, smokes, and the new(ish) Queens of the Stone Age album, but they’re not helping...or, at least not as much as they usually would.
I am out $500, and have yet to be reimbursed - five-hundred big-ones, and despite assurances to the contrary, I’ve been waiting on this for THREE FUCKING MONTHS; I’m being played for a sucker, and am a cunt-hair from quitting altogether.

So, if anyone’s looking for a desperately-unemployable, intensely-opinionated, zealously-profane, incurably-hilarious, egomaniacal-loudmouth with a blatant, outright distaste for authority, well, I might be available towards the end of the week.

And, really, who isn’t looking for a person who combines those traits in one hairy, growling package?

I mean, come ON...am I right?

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