Friday, September 21, 2007

Are You Cool, Man?

You’ve got it together, your friends think you’re rad, and you’ve got the whole world by the short n’ curlies...but tell me, brothers & sisters, are you cool?
Does your awesomeness bring about a euphoria so deep that perfect strangers clutch their chests and laugh into the sky? Does your prodigious ability to both stun & delight cause dry heaves of bad karma in people waiting for the bus? Does your breathtaking marvelous-ness make the sun shine on cue?
Or do you just have pink hair and listen to My Chemical Romance?
You’ve got to figure it out: it’s not enough to be beautiful, or talented, or well-connected...if you aren’t motherfucking cool, you’ll never captivate, fascinate, or infatuate anyone.
Oh, people are reluctant, it’s true...even at your coolest, there’ll be some people who dislike you, and I have a whole book of excuses you can use if you like, if that’s the way you want to go.
But, honestly, ask yourself: are you cool, man?

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