Monday, January 15, 2007

For Fuck’s Sake

I really dislike being bored.
For me, boredom only comes from one place, and that place is the barren wasteland of boring conversation; if left to my own devices, I can keep myself entertained for hours, but if A&E happens to flicker on soundlessly while they’re doing an "expose" of the Ku Klux Klan’s "secret" history, well, fuck...
Try and stop a conversation about racial intolerance once it’s gotten started.
I dare you.
Now, I’m not, nor was I, trying to avoid the subject - I’ll yell about whatever and/or whomever at the drop of a hint - but seeing a bunch of dentally-handicapped, fat, sweaty, mullet-sporting, southern fucking retards gather together with their sunglasses and rat-tail-wearing children shouting "white power" while cloaked in hooded dresses...let’s just say that I don’t also need to see grainy, black-and-white footage of blacks being whipped to become angry.
certainly don’t need to get into a conversation decrying racism; isn’t it obvious, at this point, that racism is, LITERALLY, the most horrifyingly repellant thing we could have done to ourselves as a species? Doesn’t that seem, among other things, ridiculously arbitrary?
“Look, we gotta come up with a way to keep this little club of ours to ourselves.”
“C’mon! Think, dammit! We’re the edumacated types, right? What can we use as a basis for exclusion?”
[more silence]
“What about...I know! What about keeping people who have brown eyes out?”
[from the back of the room]
“But I have brown eyes.”

“Oh, yeah.”
[from the corner]
“So do I.”

[more silence]
“What about brown skin?”
“Whaddya think?”
[from the doorway]
“But then we’d have kick Scully out.”

“Naw; Scully just got a little too much sun yesterday...”
Whatever; my point is that the conversation was fruitless, was going to be fruitless, and though that doesn’t mean that racism is something that should be forgotten about, EVER, it does mean that coming up with overly-simplistic, white-guy "solutions" for an age-old problem on a drink-fueled Saturday night isn’t exactly what I would call a good usage of time or energy.
Granted, the simplistic solutions were mine, but was kind of like trying to shut the TV off in the middle of a Simpsons episode I’ve seen a thousand times; “what, you don’t like The Simpsons any more?”
No, it’s just that I’ve just seen this...
Yes, I know it’s a classic episode...


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